Terms of use

If you want to use the app you have to accept the following terms of use:


In order to use the app, the creation of a user account is required. For this a name, a valid email address and a password have to be provided.

The app connects two different groups of people, which are called Clients and Observers in the following. Observers observe clients in the sense that they can check at anytime whether a client who is being observed by them is all right.

Thus, between client and observer a connection has to be created. An observation will only be possible if both the client and the observer have agreed to this connection.

In order to confirm that everything is alright the client has to touch a button in the app at regular (adjustable) intervals. If this confirmation is missing all observers will be notified and they will have to take appropriate actions (outside the app).

Moreover each client has the possibility to send a help message to all observers by touching the help button in the app. The observers have to initiate appropriate actions in this case too.

We as the vendor of the app will never assume the role of an observer for any client. This means that in the case of a missing client confirmation or a sent client help message we will not be notified and thus we will not act in any way. This is the sole task of the observers associated with the client!


Observers use the app permanently for free. Clients can test the app for a month free of charge. Subsequently, clients have to pay a small amount in order to further use the app.

Liability/bug fixes

If the app does not work correctly anymore or cannot be used any longer for any reason, every observer is obliged to ensure in other ways that his clients are fine. Possible reasons for that could be for example:

  • Defect or failure (for example empty accumulator) of a smartphone from client or observer
  • Internet connection failure at client and/or observer
  • Failure of servers operated by us or the occurrence of malfunctions (e.g. DDoS attacks from outside)
  • Bugs in the software

We do not take responsibility for an observer relying solely on the app, which causes a too late perception that a client has being harmed. In all cases in which the app does not work any longer or works incorrectly, the ok messages from the clients stays away and every observer must act accordingly in such cases.

If bugs occur in the software, we will fix them as soon as possible after they have been discovered. Afterwards an updated version of the app will be provided for download in the app store.

If you have questions concerning this terms of use then please contact us by using the contact page.